Dough Globe is a smart vessel for your sourdough. Using sensors, it knows when your starter is doing well. It's like a Tamagotchi, but actually alive.

Little Bang.

Bring your Dough Globe to life by mixing flour and water. In a few days, landscapes will appear and plants will start forming. Keep your sourdough well and your planet will flourish. Don't look after it and the world will turn sour.


Meet Doug

Meet Doug, he's the little guy who lives inside your Dough Globe. Doug likes to live in a healthy world. It means he can get on with his job of turning flour and water into sourdough.

Play with Doug

When Doug is happy he will offer to play games with you. These games are controlled by your sourdough, the worse its health, the more difficult the games will be.


Cook with Doug

If you hit a high score in the game Doug will give reward you with a recipe, which is then kept in your recipe book. When you are ready to bake, Doug will walk you through the recipe, giving you useful tips and advice.

The better you treat your Dough Globe, and the more you play with Doug the better your bread will taste.